Immigration Interview Coming Up? Tips to Ensure Your Green Card Process Goes Smoothly.

Apr 14, 2015 | Marriage Interview

Your immigration interview is a crucial step in your application process. Sadly, as a Miami immigration lawyer, I have seen too many instances of entirely avoidable missteps, some of which have had disappointing consequences for the applicant. Below are some tips to ensure that your immigration interview goes smoothly.

1. Be punctual
It’s a simple concept, but it bears repeating. You must be on time. I tell my clients to show up at their immigration interview at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time. Why? First, nerves. The extra time will give you the opportunity to get accustomed to  your surroundings and calm down a bit before the interview. Second, you will  need the time buffer should you encounter an unforeseen emergency along the way. The last thing you want to do is to keep your immigration officer waiting.

2. If you do not speak English, arrange for an interpreter to attend with you.
Let your Miami immigration attorney know that you need an interpreter before the interview takes place. Again, you want to avoid a scenario wherein you are scrambling to find one on the very day of the interview.

3. Dress appropriately
Your clothes should be neat, clean, and well-pressed.  You should put your very best foot forward during the interview. If you have any questions as to what you should or should not wear, ask your Miami immigration attorney.

4. Come prepared with documentation
If you are asked to bring documentation with you, do so. This  list includes, but is not limited to birth records, marriage records, adoption records, travel documents, etc.  Find out beforehand whether you need to have original documents with you, and try as much as possible to procure them before your interview takes place. It doesn’t hurt to have copies of the originals, just in case they get lost or destroyed.

5. Prep beforehand
Your immigration officer may be asking you very personal questions about your life and your family members during the interview. You should be prepared to provide him/her with honest and concise answers. Again, if you have any questions about this, you should consult with your Miami immigration lawyer.

6. Try to relax
It may be difficult to stay calm and collected during this weighty process, but try as much as possible to relax. Remember – if you do not understand what the officer is asking, you can always him/her to repeat the question. Good luck!

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